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You’re looking for the perfect home business? What does that mean? What’s the perfect home business? There are multiple components for any solid home-based business all of which should be considered before taking the first step.


In my opinion, the perfect home business should offer:


  • Quality products that meet a need.

  • A well established, reputable company backing its products and its dealers.

  • Excellent support without all the hype.

  • Multiple business growth paths allow you to decide how to build your business.

  • Potential for financial independence within 5 years or less with fantastic growth potential.

How Does an AMSOIL Home Business Measure Up?

Very few home businesses can meet all, or even one of the criteria listed above. However, with an AMSOIL business, ALL of the above are true. Unfortunately, many potential AMSOIL business owners fear they don’t know enough about synthetic lubricants, automobiles or automobile maintenance to be successful selling AMSOIL. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most AMSOIL dealers knew very little about synthetic lubricants when they started their AMSOIL business (myself included). Most knew even less about automotive maintenance and repair. In fact, many knew just enough to change their own oil (maybe), and that was about it. With the tools, training and resources that AMSOIL has to offer, you can quickly gain valuable knowledge about lubrication and filtration. In order to be successful, you first and most importantly, must be committed and dedicated.



AMSOIL and I are committed to your success. After all, your success directly affects my success. I’m willing to help you in any way that I can. I will tell you what worked for me and show you what works for others. You can become successful as an AMSOIL dealer but all that is worthless unless you are willing to dedicate the same level of commitment to your business that I and others have dedicated to their business. 


AMSOIL dealers come from all walks of life. You might be surprised at the number of women who have very successful AMSOIL businesses. Don't be! Women have been very successful as AMSOIL dealers. In fact, AMSOIL puts out a magazine once per month with updates about the company. Within this magazine is a list of AMSOIL’s top marketers. Out of the top ten, five of them are married couples, two are single men and three are single women. You too can make this list. The amount of effort you are willing to put in will determine how successful you will become. AMSOIL is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You will own your own legitimate business and it will require hard work and dedication.

AMSOIL offers free comprehensive on-line training opportunities for dealers.

Quality Products That Meet a Need


AMSOIL products have been saving people time and money for over 25 years. They are quality items that meet a need. If you aren't aware of all the products and services AMSOIL offers, you should probably take a look at my website - - . You’ll find over 100 pages of information dealing with AMSOIL products, synthetic lubricants and filtration systems. I think you’ll be impressed by what you see and read.



Reputable Company That Backs Its Products


AMSOIL is the largest synthetic lubricant manufacturer in the world and has led the synthetic industry since the early 70′s. They are still leading the industry even today. Just as importantly, AMSOIL backs their products with a written guarantee of quality. No other company in the lubricants industry offers that!  Think about that, not one of the other major oil companies offers a written warranty that matches or exceeds AMSOIL's warranty on their product!  View the warranty here. 

Plenty of Support Without All the Hype


In addition, AMSOIL products have always been sold through independent dealers. They continue to provide top-notch support to their dealers and are always on the look-out for ways to help dealers grow their business. Every customer who purchases AMSOIL products does so through independent dealers. This assures that AMSOIL will never undercut your business. They will even send customers directly to you – people who’ve already established an interest in AMSOIL products or an AMSOIL dealership.



Multiple Avenues for Business Growth


Because AMSOIL knows that not all people think or work the same way, they’ve provided multiple methods to earn money. You can sign up large commercial accounts such as trucking fleets and construction companies, or you can sign up retail accounts such as automotive stores or quick lube and small repair establishments. If you’re not comfortable dealing with a large company, you can conduct personal sales to individuals and keep the retail profit (as well as commissions on your total sales). You can also hand out or mail AMSOIL retail catalogs to potential customers who can order directly from the company using your dealer number. In fact, any of your customers or accounts can purchase directly from AMSOIL, in turn you are paid a commission on all of those sales even though you may not have been directly involved with the order. This can save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and paperwork. It also eliminates the need to carry inventory.


You’re Perfect for This Business


AMSOIL dealers are people like you. People who want a little extra money, something to do in their spare time, and even a full-time business. You don’t have to be a mechanic or a car buff. Everyone that uses AMSOIL recognizes the benefits of using AMSOIL. They tell their friends about their experiences with the products who tell their friends who tell others and so on...........

​How Much Does it Cost?


You can start an independent AMSOIL Dealership for $49.95 for a full-fledged one-year dealership and put as much — or as little — time into it as you want. After the initial registration fee, the cost is only $49.95 per year to remain a dealer, and there are absolutely NO MINIMUM QUOTAS OR REQUIREMENTS to remain a dealer.


It is also important to point out something about dealership registrations. A home business worth considering is one which does not pay hefty commissions for new dealer registrations. Although this might seem less profitable, it is very important. If dealers make large commissions for signing up new dealers, they will spend all of their time trying to sign up other dealers and nobody will be selling any products. A business based upon this model is sure to fail, and dealers involved with this type of business will be left out in the cold, looking for a new job.

AMSOIL pays only a small bonus to a dealer when they sign up a new dealer or account. And, they only pay this bonus if the new dealer or account makes a purchase of AMSOIL products within one year after signing up. In this way, AMSOIL maintains a focus on having dealers use (and sell) products. Please don’t lose sight of the importance of this. Focusing on a quality product line is the only way to build a successful long-term business.


Get Started


For more information, please utilize the link below and fill out the resulting info request form, AMSOIL will send you more information on becoming a dealer. If you believe you are ready to take the next step, you can become an AMSOIL dealer by clicking on the start now picture below/

I'm ready to start now.

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