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AMSVS was started in January 2014


In 1978 I started a 12v business called Auto Accessories Inc. After 30 successful years I decided to sell my business. I then started working as a delivery driver for Keystone and LKQ. I enjoyed the freedom of being on the road and interacting with people.

After a routine doctors visit  I learned that I had prostate cancer. I was devastated, after successful surgery to removed the cancer I made the decision to retire early. While sitting at home recovering from my surgery I soon realized I needed to stay active. I remembered an AMSOIL brochure I saw at one of my delivery stops. It stated I could start my own business with no inventory, and very little start up costs, I was intrigued. I figured that I had very little to lose, so I signed up. It was a fantastic decision.  After a lot of hard work and hundreds of miles I developed a successful business. In 2017 my son signed up as a dealer and between us we now have over 90 clients. I honestly don't think of them as clients, they have become my friends, my extended family. It's a great feeling. 

AMSOIL is a great company. All the people I have been in contact with from the president to the warehouse worker that picks my orders are knowledgeable and willing to help me and my business. AMSOIL's comprehensive training has taught me about new vehicle technologies and what is required to keep these vehicles running properly. I learned that today's vehicles require special oils and fluids in order to keep up with the latest advances and mileage requirements. 


One of the greatest things about AMSOIL is that there are no set ways to make money. You can customize the business to your particular situation. If you are interested in providing AMSOIL products for your friends or customers contact me thru the contact page or click the banner below and sign up now. I will be more than happy to show you my own and other methods, teach you a little AMSOIL history, introduce you to their cutting edge products and prove to you that I am willing to do everything I can to help you get started on a successful partnership with a fantastic company. After all, when you are successful so am I.


My only regret is that I wish I had done this earlier.  


Don Soule

Independent AMSOIL Dealer

email -

PS - If you would just like to use AMSOIL products for your own personal use and save money check out how to become a "Preferred Customer."










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